I am grateful, now fuck off.

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It was some time between midnight and 3am. I was dead asleep. I’d fed the littliest at midnight so it was after that, and it was before he woke up for a feed at 3am. This hardly matters, because that time of night is Hell unless you’re pashing, happy drunk, smoking in a bar, dancing, or on drugs – y’know, generally having a fulfilling life that doesn’t involve milk dripping out of your breasts or playing the fart or shit game. So, I’m asleep and I feel this tiny hand on my face and then there’s a kiss on my forehead. And for a second I’m confused like – did the tiny one do that? He’s only four-weeks-old? Is he a mutant? That would be amazing. And then I realise it’s my big baby and I pull him into my arms while still asleep and think “oh he’s delicious”. But…

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Supernatural Location Tour with John Marcynuk

Jilly's Winchester Blog

A walking tour of New Westminster, Vancouver, with John Marcynuk. August 25th 2012.

John Marcynuk, Art Director on Supernatural, contacted Jules (from Superwiki) prior to VanCon, about taking some fans on a tour. Jules invited a small group of us along, and here’s the result. I’m not sure how interesting this post will be to anyone else, but I had a great time. Thanks once again to John, for taking the time to do this for us, and to Jules, for inviting me along.

We took the sky train out to New Westminster on the Saturday morning of VanCon (unfortunately missing both Russ Hamilton’s and Julie McNiven’s panels, but this more than made up for it).

On leaving the train station we walked, literally across the road, to the building Cas & another angel fell out of in 6.03 The Third Man. 

1 The Third Man_1424x2136       SPN_0879

While taking photos, we…

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